It seems quite natural that computers are getting smaller day by day. From desk to lap to pocket to wrist. Yes, we are going into that territory today. Smartwatches have been around for quite some time now and though their initial performance wasn't impressive they have been upgraded considerably. They are much more capable than merely showing notifications. The following will prove it. Their capabilities in various fields of your daily use will be showcased. For Android and Apple alike. TIZEN apps should have been mentioned too. Acknowledged. But it is a whole different story worthy of its own separate post.
1.GAMES : yes, it does sound fishy when someone claims to make good games for a screen that small but that is where creativity comes into action. PAPERCRAFT is one such pioneer. It is open source and dedicated for your smartwatch. It is whatGalega should be like in the 21st century. Make your own high score and compete with the world. Blast out those paper monsters.


Next, there is 2048. it makes sense.

Link :
Remeber that infinite loop game that busts the stress out of you? Yeah, that is now on your smartwatch too.

Link :

If you don't already know then FYI, POKEMON GO is available on the Apple watch for quite some time.


Text-based RPGs are a great choice for these devices. Doesn't blow up your battery. LIFELINE series by 3-minute-games on wear OS and apple watch is taking the market by storm. It is a fully narrative based game series in which you are given transmissions from someone in trouble and your goal is to make the right decisions so that you get to the end of the story without killing the NPCs.

2.TRAVEL : the smartwatch version for GOOGLE MAPS is quite neat. It works independently of your phone if your watch has an inbuilt GPS ( it most probably does) and navigates you to your destination without any hassle. The CITYMAPPER app is available too if it is your first choice. Both apps are available on both platforms .

TRIPIT and APP IN THE AIR have the same story. Everyone loves them. They are available for your smartwatch for both platforms and work the best part is that now they can sync to one another. So you are all sorted with your ticket and reminders for travel.

New to the place ? Dont know what nice nearby you ? TRIP ADVISOR got you covered . It got your back and now your wrist too. Its smartwatch version feature all theand only the essential details listed in a easy format. The list starts from places near to you . Its designed to get you the relevent info on-the-go.

CIRCA the meeting planner and time manager tells you what time is it where you are and of other places where you will be going for a meeting or maybe just for a skype call. Features like
Visually comparing time across multiple locations
- Receiveingnotifications when they become available
- Quickly see working hour overlaps 
- Personal, organize in your own way
- Creating
one-touch meeting invitations are just what one needs to kepp their team in sync and thus functional. Also available on both platforms.

I was blown away by knowing that UBER has its independent apps for the smartwatches. This alone could be the selling point for smartwatches . Obviously on both platforms.

Just dont forget FOURSQUARE , dont , i mean it.
3. LISTING : One thing that these watches can be better at than our phones is listing , telling us our notes . GOOGLE KEEP , EVERNOTE etc were already aware of this and have their versions optimized for you smartwatch. Just thought it was worth mentioning . The fun part is that there are new players too. FANTASTICAL 2 is a calender cum listing app that made sure its notifications get to the user bt making them so easy to acsess.

4.SOCIAL MEDIA : No list is complete without this section these days. Watsapp has smartwatch support and telegram takes it one step feature with added features and optimization . Various 3rd party apps are stepping up to make twitter really acsssable by your samrtwatch like TWITTERBOT . It gets you the tweet and not the comments . Simple and clean. INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK MESSENGER have been optimized . The show stopper is TINDER . Since the functionality of the whole app is just swipe based thus it best suited for the watch . All the funtionality , all the rush on your wrist .
5. FITNESS , WORKOUT AND HEALTH : All your watches come preloaded with these apps but its not uncommon to be not satisfied by it. Since nunber of steps , sleep hours calories etc are basic functionality with each app and is more or less dependent on the hardware of the watch thus that would be no aparametr of judgement here .the apps featured in this section obviously stand out amongst the crowd due to thier unique approach .
MOUNT BURNMORE : its addicting , its fun , its got great reveiws and it pushes you tu be active instead of being a couch-patato. It tracks your activity and the more active you are the more in-game energy you have . This energy you use to make a route to get to the top of the mountain. Complete daily chalanges and compete with your freinds or other people out there.

LIFESUM : its your calorie traker , diet planner and recipie app all in one . The approach here is to attain the desierd weight/health by eating the right food and not depending on exercising .

WORKOUTDOORS : this one is for those who love using their legs and mgo out to jog , hike , cycle etc. Its more or less a map app but for the purposes mentioned above. Its got all walkways , cycle routes etc in its vectors which youcan save in your watch meaning that this app works offline too. Thres a bread crum route plotted behind on you as you travel (on the map ofcourse).
STREAKS : this one help you make new habits or get rid of bad ones by constantly reminding you and displaying your progress . This app has a very neat user interface and would only load 12 tasks though it tries to show only 6 . complete stastistics and sync with other health apps makes it a great add-on.

6. GENERAL UTILITY : Weather apps like YAHOO WEATHER, CARROT WEATHER (check this one out , its got humour too).

FIND MY PHONE , launchers (WEAR MINI LAUNCHER) , SHAZAM , translators like the one by Microsoft. These small difference together make a big change.
7. FINANCE : ACORNS : investment app for smartwatches !! best part is that it lets you invest spare change anytime anywhere. The money can be taken out anytime you like . No minimum to the sum you invest . The app takes care of everything. . Management fees are $0 for students and users under 24 years of age, $1 per month for accounts under $5,000 and 0.25 percent per year for accounts over $5,000.

PENNIES : it is your budget manager . With over half a million downloads this peoples favorite cant let you down . Add expense in seconds and see how it would affect you budget . Change the currency if you are over-seas. It even syncs up with your payday . Unlimited budgets.

ANDROID PAY and PAYPAL are worth being mentioned here too. Don't know if the NFC tech will make it or break it.
8.SPECAL MENTIONS : the apps mentioned in this category don't fall under any of the aforementioned categories and are too good to not tell about.
Have you ever wanted that your device does all of whatever is supposed to do but without you interacting it mean i.e automation . That is what WORKFLOW and IFTTT do . They automate things . Now, that's a deadly combination when paired up with independent smartwatches. Both work in a similar fashion. They make a conceptual flow chart which is triggered by some event that you set.
So once the event occurs the device would automatically respond as programed . With these apps, you can use things like google home or Alexa to automate your home . Prime example of internet of things.

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Regular SIM Cards VS eSIM. How they are different?

Apple, in its own International Launch Event, which has been held at the month of October 2017 initially attracted eSIM into the spotlight with introducing it its own newest Apple Watch Series 3.  Ever since then the conversation on the usage of eSIM happening.
what is eSIM
Together with the advancement of smartphone technologies, the depth of these handsets can also be reducing daily.  
With this, the producers have sacrificed a good deal, such as our favoured 3.5millimeter headset jack and today it appears that our routine sim tray will also be gone in a matter of a couple of days.  Google has introduced to their newest Google Pixel two smartphones.

Today the dimensions of sims were reduced from the past from full-size SIM into Mini SIM after which to Micro SIM.  In 2012 arrived the age if 12.30millimeter Nano SIMs with the launch of this radical iPhone 5.  Now it appears that Nano SIMs is going to be obsolete soon, signalling the start of the age of eSIMs.

So, What's the eSIM?

It's a physical model which the user can eliminate from the device each time and substitute it with a different card.  However, the concept completely changes with the debut of eSIM.   
Additionally, it's approximately 6mm in length and 5 millimetres in diameter, which makes it nearly 5 times bigger than the presently employed Nano SIMs.  

The eSIMs can come embedded in the apparatus and can be nonremovable.  So literally there's not any requirement to pop up the SIM tray each opportunity to switch SIM cards or network suppliers.  The consumer simply has to set up the software given by his network supplier and he is prepared to go.
esim in apple smartwatch
From the smartphone, sector slimness comes at a cost and frequently manufacturers eliminate some outdated conventional technologies like Apple did in iPhone 7, the headset jack.  

The headset jack left us to feel nostalgic and we laughed but today the elimination of our great old SIM slot may make us feel exactly the exact same.  However, for the producers, no SIM slot signifies additional space in order that they can lessen the depth with a millimetre or longer, with undermining the battery life power.

To this customers, it is going to be a hassle-free portability, shifting etc..  And you also won't overlook the ejector pin since it is going to stop to exist.

 What's the Difference?

The principal distinction is not having a bodily SIM card on these apparatus.  The ESIM will remove the usage of our conventional SIM cards.  It'll be a fantastic matter to the customers since they don't need to worry anymore if they would like to swap SIM cards vent their numbers.  The ESIM will keep all of the information exactly enjoy the Frequent SIM. 

 Rather than racing to stores to find a SIM card that the user simply has to set up the applications of their network supplier.  
Another great that for the customers is going to be the contest in the telecom market.  As changing networks are going to be a moment's occupation consumer can change to the very best and inexpensive system, therefore telecom businesses also lower their prices to entice more clients.  The Same as the scene following the Addition of JIO.

Frequently consumers have problems with the harm of SIM cards, so that will be avoided with the debut of eSIM.